Tasteroids 3.2 / 2020


Shoot the asteroids while avoiding collisions with them. Occasionally a flying saucer will appear and attempt to shoot you down. Destroy it for more points.

You begin with three ships, a bonus ship is awarded for every 10 000 (+ 5 000 after each 4 times) points scored. You get also a bonus from each level: (150 * level) points.

Shields protect you from all other threads but not from red asteroids. You need to shoot all other but red ones to proceed to a new level.
Keyboard Controls
Key Description Key Description
N Start Game P Pause Game
Cursor Left, A Rotate Left Cursor Right, D Rotate Right
Cursor Up, W Fire Thrusters Cursor Down, S Fire Retro Thrusters
Spacebar, B Fire Cannon H Hyperspace
T Shield M Toggle Sound
F Auto Fire    
Object Points Object Points
Large Asteroid 15 Large Red/Black Asteroid 20
Medium Asteroid 25 Medium Red/Black Asteroid 40
Small Asteroid 50 Small Red/Black Asteroid 75
Level Completed 150 * Level All Red Asteroids 1 Shield
UFO 250 Missile 450
Mini UFO 350 Mini Missile 600